K&D Announces Community Involvement Program

K&D Announces Community Involvement Program

We are pleased to announce a community involvement program here at K&D. As a law firm located in the Sacramento community, we determined that it was important to be involved in our community’s development and growth. We think its important to be involved and get our hands dirty at the ground level.

As a result, we challenged our team to donate 50 volunteer hours as a team to a local charity. If, after 12 months we meet our goal of 50 hours, K&D will also make a monetary donation to that same charity. We hope to keep this program going year after year.

This year our team chose to partner with Runnin’ for Rhett to meet our community involvement goals. Runnin’ for Rhett is a great organization dedicated to youth and adult fitness and empowering people to get and stay fit. We are excited about the opportunity work with Runnin’ for Rhett in 2016. We challenge you and your organizations to get involved as well.

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