Putting our clients first

The client’s best interest is our primary concern

Our clients are successful because they understand the importance of providing their customers with the best service they can possibly offer.

Krogh & Decker is no different.

We recognize that without successful clients our business will fail. Accordingly, we strive to learn the client’s goals and craft our solutions to achieve the client’s objectives. One of our highest priorities is to learn and understand our clients’ business and industry in order to provide more effective and efficient legal advice.

We also understand that when a client seeks the assistance of an attorney, they need to believe that everything will be okay.  To build confidence, we are responsive to our clients’ needs and act quickly.

We are no different than the contractor or engineer involved in a building project. Their clients need to feel confident that the building will be constructed on time and stand for years.

We provide effective solutions to address complex legal problems. Solutions that use the law as a tool to achieve business success. We have over 25 years of experience and have handled a wide spectrum of legal issues including a wealth of very difficult litigation. We expect the highest quality work from our attorneys and staff so that our clients have the confidence of knowing they received the very best legal advice and representation available.

Demanding excellence

Because success is the only option

We are fortunate enough to represent craftsmen, skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers. All of them confident in what they do, and the impact their work makes in the lives of their clientele. For them failure is not an option.

Krogh & Decker is no different. Failure is not an option.

To prevent failure, we demand the most from our team. In litigation, we conduct the research necessary to build the legal arguments, we seek the facts necessary to build our clients’ cases, and we effectively communicate our position to the Court.

When it comes to transactions, we learn the client’s business practices and habits and research the relevant law to ensure that the client understands the risks as well as the benefits. Because we know that your matter is important, we stay up the extra hour, making sure that the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed.

Moreover, we put our entire team in position to be successful by implementing systems and procedures to assure our clients that their legal problems will be solved by any attorney on staff. Our entire team is behind our clients.

Being cool with each other

Highly functioning teams yield the best results

We found that our most successful clients have empowered and effective teams managing their companies. A team environment leads to company-wide success while building something greater than the individual components.  We find that legal matters are handled more effectively by a law firm that operates like a well-oiled machine.

The Krogh & Decker team delivers results.

We know that demanding excellence requires a confident and productive work environment. Accordingly, we have a collegial work environment that encourages and rewards success and avoids the inefficiencies that plague a typical bureaucracy.

Every K&D team member is instilled with our core values to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality legal services. Moreover, we put our team in position to be successful by developing and fine tuning our systems and processes that promise high quality legal services.

We also consider our clients a part of our team. Accordingly, we expect input from our clients in developing legal strategies. Ultimately, the plan we develop is for the client.  And we communicate the plan to the client in plain English, so the client understands the options and strategies available.