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Seven years ago, Shawn M. Krogh and Derek C. Decker founded Krogh & Decker, LLP to handle the litigation and transactional needs of California’s premier businesses. Today, we proudly offer business succession planning to Sacramento and beyond.

Be Confident Your Life’s Work Will Continue

You've worked -- and continue to work -- diligently to build your business. You've endured highs and lows, made tricky day-to-day decisions, and through all that grit, grew a successful venture that benefits your family, employees, and community. To honor all your efforts, you must have a thoroughly evaluated and continuously evolving business succession plan.

Krogh and Decker, LLP provides the counsel your company needs to manage obstacles and preserve, grow, and protect your life's work.

What is Business Succession Planning?

Unless they're immortal, every business owner needs a strategy to transition themselves out of their business. However, despite this necessity, more than 50 percent have no business succession plan at all. Don't fall into this statistic; the future of your business is worth planning for and protecting.

A business succession plan, in simple terms, is an estate plan for your business. It contains written agreements that detail what you desire to happen when you leave the company, become incapacitated, or die. No matter the circumstance, a business succession plan will promise a smooth hand-off to new management while also accounting for your tax and estate planning consequences.

Krogh & Decker, LLP advises business owners concerning buy-sell agreements, ESOPs, family succession issues, as well as other business succession issues.

Planning: The Only Way to Prevent Failure

While everyone else taps "business succession planning attorney near me" into their search bar, be at peace that you've already found yours.

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