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Our aim isn’t simply to make a deal; our aim is to achieve the best result for our clients.

Your Defense Against Unfounded Claims

Professional liability and licensing claims, whether filed against an individual, entity, or partnership, are especially unsettling because, in addition to the possible economic burden, they threaten a professional's reputation, brand, or licensure.

Understanding that reputations and substantial amounts of money are at stake, we offer aggressive and agile representation in professional malpractice claims. Our well-earned reputation as battle-hardened trial attorneys affects our opponents' settlement posture and motivates them to submit more attractive offers.

In must-win scenarios like professional liability cases or claims before a licensing body, Krogh & Decker, LLP finds a solution expediently to enable our clients to get back to business without the distraction of disputes.

We are experienced in representing the following professionals:

  1. Attorneys
  2. Accountants
  3. Contractors
  4. Doctors
  5. Insurance Brokers and Agents
  6. Mortgage Brokers
  7. Nurses
  8. Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Because Failure Isn't An Option

As a collective, Krogh & Decker, LLP has represented clients in complex, make-or-break professional liability cases for decades. No matter the details of each unique case, one thing never changes: we keep our clients' futures in mind. You can trust us to develop creative and decisive litigation strategies that prioritize an efficient, discreet, and cost-effective resolution.

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