We Counsel You Through Complex Employment Laws

Krogh & Decker, LLP understands the ins and outs of California employment law. When failure isn’t an option, our business employment advisory services are your lifeboat.

Helping You Navigate Complex Employment Laws

Steering Your Success: Employment Defense

California has one of the most complex sets of employment laws in the nation, with California employers facing a higher risk of litigation than employers almost anywhere in the US.

Krogh & Decker, LLP helps you navigate through the arena of detailed employment laws and reduces your risk of employment claims by offering advice on wage and hour issues, disability matters, discrimination and harassment claims, as well as safe workplace issues.

In our tenure, we have acted as assigned defense counsel for insurance companies and other institutional clients and understand the nuances of state and federal employment litigation. With this experience, we are uniquely qualified to determine how to defend all entities and individuals involved successfully.

Put simply: we ensure you're still in business at the other end of the lawsuit.

Areas of Employment Defense Expertise:

  • Employment contracts
  • Employment policies and handbooks
  • Employee terminations
  • Employee leave
  • Employment suits
  • Collective bargaining

Avoid Litigation with Krogh & Decker, LLP in Your Corner

Don't get caught up in the complexity of California employment law. Krogh & Decker, LLP's business employment advisory services secure a successful outcome for your business.

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