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2024 Employment Law Reminders

January 2024 is fast approaching, and there are many new employment laws California employers need to be aware of. The following are highlights of the more important laws to be aware of:

  • Non-compete agreements with employees are now expressly illegal and may provide grounds for a lawsuit against the employer. Employers need to stop using these agreements. However, valid trade secrets can still be protected.
  • Job applicants cannot be asked about prior use of cannabis. It is also generally unlawful to discriminate against applicants and employees for off-duty cannabis use (unless it impacts work/safety).
  • Paid sick leave increases from at least 24 hours per year to 40 hours per year. The accrued sick leave threshold for carry-over has also increased.
  • Minimum wage is increasing to $16 per hour.
  • There is a legal presumption employees are being retaliated against if they are terminated within 90 days of 'protected activity', which includes any verbal or written complaint regarding pay or wages.
  • Employers must prepare and institute proper written Workplace Violence Protection Plans, and train employees on the Plan.
  • Employees laid off due to Covid-19 may have re-hire rights.
  • Employers must provide reproductive loss leave.

Please note that the above is only a high-level reminder of the more important laws to be aware of. There are details and nuances to these laws, and employers are advised to update their written employee handbook or policies to address these issues.

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 2024 Employment Law Reminders - Krogh Decker, LLP

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