Shawn Krogh

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Shawn is a partner at Krogh & Decker, LLP. Shawn formed the law firm with Derek C. Decker in November 2014, so that he could focus on serving the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

While a businessman at heart, Shawn has a background in politics. Shawn uses the skills that he learned in the Governor’s Office background to navigate big personalities and give everyone the feeling that they won something.

He enjoys using the law to aid his clients. From crafting the perfect legal argument to drafting the most exquisite contract to developing sound legal strategies, Shawn’s attention to detail makes him an extremely effective legal counselor. At the heart of all of Shawn’s advice is the cost/benefit analysis.

It is his balance of legal and business knowledge that prevents emotion from overruling sound judgment.

Shawn’s practice includes civil litigation and business transactions. Today, Shawn spends most of his time preventing lawsuits before they arise, advising clients on day-to-day business best practices, and strategizing successful resolutions to contentious cases. Throughout his career, Shawn has represented businesses, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Many of his clients include construction companies, engineers, manufacturers, technology businesses, brewers and wineries, and real estate investment firms. Shawn connects with his clients by taking the time to understand their needs, goals and objectives.

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