Inessa Kondrya

Inessa joined Krogh & Decker as a Legal Assistant in November 2018. As a child Inessa wanted to be a diplomat however, since finishing school she has a pursued a career in the legal field.
Inessa brings several years of experience working in civil litigation. Her can do and determined spirit adds value to the K&D team and she enjoys the opportunity to continue to grow and become even more proficient in her role.

Inessa believes all three K&D values work together. She believes putting the client first leads to the success of both the client and the team. Demanding excellence ensures work is done properly and contributes to both the client and team success. Lastly, being cool with each other promotes a healthy work environment which enables the team to continue producing quality work and put the client first.

Inessa is well traveled and fluent in English, Romanian, and Russian. When she is not at work she enjoys ice skating and the opportunity to take trips with her husband.