Coronavirus, Mechanics Liens & UCC Filings: Answers to 3 Legal Questions That Trip Up California Contractors

I recently joined Levelset’s Expert Center, a Q&A platform to help construction businesses get payment answers from lawyers and other industry experts. Contractors seek help by asking interesting, unique, and sometimes complex questions ranging from mechanics lien law, to the ...
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Business Interruption Insurance

This week, the Government reported that over three million people filed for unemployment. On Order of the Governor of California, the novel Coronavirus has shut down innumerable restaurants, bars, gyms, and other establishments. In response, the Federal Government passed a ...
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Litigation in the time of the Coronavirus

We know that the novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, suddenly changed the world’s economic landscape in March 2020. We do not yet know, however, its full legal implications. The Coronavirus has disrupted business contracts, real estate transactions, and all ...
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