Characterizing Multi-State Employees

Properly characterizing an employee who performs services in multiple states is important to ensure compliance with that state’s employment laws. This encompasses everything from giving accurate wage statements, meal breaks, minimum wage, exemption from overtime, etc... Violating some of these ...
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California Laws on Interviewing Job Applicants with Criminal Backgrounds

In 2018, California eliminated its “check the box” system of screening applicants with criminal backgrounds. Meaning, under California law, it is against the law to ask an applicant any questions regarding an applicant’s criminal history during interviews or on the ...
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5 Must Knows About Dealing with PAGA

There are 5 things employers must know about dealing with PAGA: 1. What is PAGA? Private Attorneys General Act, also known as PAGA, and applies to all employers. PAGA allows employees to bring private lawsuits against employers for alleged violations ...
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