Derek Decker

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Derek is a partner at Krogh & Decker, LLP. Derek formed the law firm with Shawn M. Krogh so they could build a business that would truly take care of the client, and provide top notch legal service, while at the same time create a workplace where employees look forward to coming to work every day. He believes that if every day you work hard, smart, and take care of the people that pay you and the people who work for you and, not only will you succeed but so will your clients and employees.

Derek has a keen understanding of human nature and uses that understanding to step into his client’s shoes and know their position and story inside out, accurately assess the facts and nuances of a case that a judge or jury will be more attuned to, and to outmaneuver opposing counsel and adverse parties.

Derek practices civil litigation, handles transactional work, and provides day to day legal advice to all types of businesses. His focus includes employment matters, contract disputes, real estate matters, construction law, administrative law, trade secret violations, fraud, defamation and shareholder disputes. He has represented parties ranging from individuals to multinational corporations and throughout his career has litigated and tried highly contentious and complicated matters.    He has substantial experience representing insurance companies and other institutional clients, and understands the advantages gained by knowing your case early and in detail, and positioning a case for success at trial before it is even filed.

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